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“True luxury looks to lead, never follow. Therefore, it is not comparable.”

With the influx of wheel manufacturers appearing every day, the market has been flooded with different brands producing similar designs. Very few brands offer a lineup that has so much character and backbone to the wheel itself.

Luxury Abstract is one of the fresher faces in the wheel industry, but don’t underestimate them because of their time in the wheel game. Their designs are based off their imagination and creative ingenuity. Applying their abstract approach, they have built a lineup that features immensely intricate details unlike anything we have seen before. When a Luxury Abstract wheel is placed in front of you, it is clear that time and thought went into the process of designing the wheel. Every last detail, down to their packaging ensures that the buyer receives a unique experience from the moment they open their wheels, to when the last bolt is tightened on the car.

From Luxury Abstract themselves.
“Forcing a wheel design in order to fill a gap in our lineup would be against our beliefs. What ever you see came naturally to our creator’s mind (with the assistance from our engineers to assure proper structural strength). Certain designs may take months of tweaking to prefect a look while keeping them safe for the road. Each wheel has a story as why and how it came about. Because of that, naming our wheels using numbers and/or letters is something we won’t do. We use the same effort in naming our art to express the feeling of our work as we do in creating it.”

Photos courtesy of Luxury Abstract.

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