No Limit

Some of you may recall the video we posted last month of a brave Lamborghini Gallardo trekking through the snow filled mountain roads. As we promised, it has returned for its official debut. It has been crowned with the name ‘Project Limitless’ as this Gallardo has proved that there are no barriers to where it can go.

Project Limitless has but one goal, and only one goal; pure function. The wheels are a direct correlation to this goal as they maintain the factory diameter and width. The offset however has been modified for a perfectly flush stance. By doing so, we have given Project Limitless a breathtaking fitment while using the factory tire sizing.

The exterior features a upgraded front bumper courtesy of DMC Germany. Made entirely from carbon fiber, this front bumper sheds the weight in an instance. A set of carbon fiber mirrors and side diffusers complete the carbon exterior.

PUR 1NE, 19×8.5, 19×11 | Modern Black

DMC Carbon Fiber Front Bumper
Carbon Fiber Side Diffusers
Carbon Fiber Mirrors

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