East Coast Love

The benefit of working in the automotive industry is that we are surrounded by people that share the same passion and drive as us. One of our favorite collaborators is most definitely Inspired Autosport from Ontario, Canada. Our east coast neighbors are always on point when it comes to delivering stunning new projects.

Their latest project sheds light on the infamous Mercedes C63 AMG. Renowned for its ferocious power plant, the team at Inspired focused on building a high performance driving machine that could tear apart the streets and the track.

The first stage of this project involved three main components: wheels, suspension, and performance. A set of forged nineteen inch wheels from PUR allowed Inspired to ensure that no extra weight would be added at the compromise of style. To increase the turning responsiveness of the C63, a set of fully adjustable H&R coil overs were installed. Lastly, a Agency Power exhaust system was coupled with a brand new ECU tune to release the inner beast to a stunning 500HP.

PUR 4OUR Monoblock, 19×8.5, 19×10 | Matte Modern Black

H&R Coil Over System

Agency Power Exhaust System
ECU Tune

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