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It’s Got Pizzazz


We couldn’t wait a day longer to debut this magnificent Lamborghini Aventador project that we have been working on. Without further adieu, we would like to present you with the best Vancouver has ever seen….

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The Finish Line


Hidden in the shadows is a glimpse of the LP700 project that we’ve been working day and night to complete…

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The Ferrari FF Package


Flying back out East, we are bringing you a Ferrari FF that has been fully transformed by our good friends at LP Auto Gallery…

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Fridays Are For Ferraris


It’s Ferrari Friday! And for this installment, we have a brand spanking new 458 Spider in the mix…

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Partnering With Europa Auto Design


Working together with Europa Auto Design, we were able to equip this Mercedes ML with a set of forged PUR LX09′s…

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Clean is an understatement when describing this Audi R8. The combination of the wheels and exterior does not scream for attention yet it is ultimately stunning together…

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