Excite Your Senses


The brand new Ford GT is a beast of a super car that is sure to excite your senses with its vibrant yellow paint, unmistakable lines, and violent exhaust note…

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The Arrival : Part One


Posted at our doorsteps, we have our next project. A full size pallet of Brabus goodies were delivered this morning. Stacked nice and high…

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Special Delivery


A blast from the past has made its way to us here in Vancouver. With a limited production run from the early…

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Carbon Fiber Masterpiece


Overhauled would be the best word to describe this Mercedes C63S as it has been transformed into a carbon fiber masterpiece. The most noticeable part…

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Beefed Up


Before you head off into the weekend, we have one last feature to end the week right. Coming into the mix is this brand…

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Tis The Season


It is most definitely G Wagon season here as the cold weather has taken over metro Vancouver. This also means that it’s time to start modifying G Wagons…

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