Up A Notch


Continuing on with our Mercedes Sprinter van project, we tackled the rear suspension. To raise the rear up, a set of Fox Racing…

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Unknown Territory


There’s always a first for everything especially when you’re embarking on unknown territory. Our latest project takes us on a journey into the world of the Mercedes Sprinter…

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Classic Approach


The first Ferrari of 2018 takes the classic and simple approach to its modification path. We started…

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Partnering With Infiniti


Partnering with dealerships across the lower mainland has allowed us to get first hand experience with all the new vehicle models…

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Fresh Start


A new year, a new beginning, and a new set of wheels. 2018 commences with a Rolls Royce Ghost that has been equipped with a…

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Last Of The Year


With only a matter of days until we cross over into 2018, we have one last Ferrari feature of the year. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a…

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