Running Wild With SR Project LP640 ‘Ballistic’


Ballistic; The idea of going all out with no restraints. That was the exact concept behind Project Ballistic….

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Scion Tuner Challenge : Delivery Day


Not very often comes the chance to embark on a nation wide challenge. We are very pleased to announce that SR Auto Group will be participating in the 2011 Scion Tuner Challenge…

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The Fazioli M. Liminal ~ 450,000


One of the most avant-garde art-case pianos in the world, designed by NYT Line’s Philippe Gendre. The music of shape and design of sound relives tradition, modernizing the classic piano…

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SR Project 458 ‘Zeus’ Making It’s Presence Known


A guaranteed way to stop anyone in their tracks. Project Zeus roams the town with its thunderous roar that claims the concrete pavement as its home…

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SR Project Vantage ‘Emaner’ Undressed


Project Emaner has been revamped with a new and fresh look…

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SR Project Mini Cooper S : Attitude Makeover


Taking away the sweet perception and replacing it with an aggressive growl…

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