Premiere Photoshoot : Dual Of The Prancing Horses


When you take two Ferrari 458s’ and put them head to head, something spectacular is bound to happen.

Modern day chariot horses that at any minute are ready to enter into battle…

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Stop & Stare At SR Project Murcielago ‘Revolver’


Bright, bold, and vibrant. A Guaranteed attention grabber.

Project Revolver is meant to be the center of attention. All eyes turn as a revolver fires its’ blast to command the attention of the crowd…

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Coming Soon : Dual Of The Prancing Horses


Here is the first look at what we believe will be an momentous display of automotive art. Titled ‘Dual Of The Prancing Horses’, this exclusive feature will include two of our most prized Project Ferrari 458s’…

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SR Project Vantage ‘Paragon’ : Diamonds Are Forever


Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but boys need their toys too.

A paragon is a perfect diamond in which it is complete of any flaws. Thus, Project Paragon was born…

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The Unique Lines Of SR Project Z8 ‘Neiderwald’


A timeless classic design that holds strong with you, your father and your grandfather.

Project Neiderwalds’ name is derived by a statue that signifies the German heritage. With that in mind, Project Neiderwald is seen as a classic symbol..

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The First Step With SR Project Z8 ‘Neiderwald’


The official debut of Project Neiderwald will be coming soon. For now, we’ll leave you with a quick look at Project Neiderwalds’ badge of honor…

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