The Revolution of SR Project 370Z ‘Karnage’ Continues…


Project Karnage is back for a visit. This Z resides quietly on the Island and makes a scenic drive out to our fair city only when its time for the next upgrade…

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SR Project 458 ‘Era’ : Modern Design with a Classic Twist


Stance. Carbon. Camera. Action.

A new ‘Era’ has begun. If you may recall, this is our first 458 that arrived to our possesion and we wasted no time in calling upon Novitec to assist us in bringing this project to the life…

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SR Lounge+Patio Event : History in the Making

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The Rise of SR Project SL550 ‘Vengeance’


It almost feels like a dark cloud should emerge as this project pulled out of the shadows…

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SR Project ‘R’ : The Return Part I


Reventon ‘Project R’ 3/20 has finally returned. Marking its 1 year anniversary since its arrival to Vancouver, our Project R is ready for a new look.

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SR Project ‘R’ Coming Soon : The Return


Project R is back…

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