The Fashion Crossover : SR @ VFW Opening Gala Event


We are excited to be invited by organizers of VFW to promote the fashion scene in our city and contribute to Fashion Week Vancouver…

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SR x VFW 2011 : When Style Meets Refinement


Designers from New York, Paris, Shanghai, Spain, Seattle, Korea, LA, England, Netherlands and Vancouver!

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SR Lounge+Patio Event : A Day Of Fine Living


A beautiful day with a collection of the world’s most sought after machine art.

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SR x Regency Lexus : Project ‘Venom’ Collaboration


It is always a privlege when the opportunity arises to work with a renowned dealership. We are proud to present Lexus ISF ‘Project Venom’…

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SR Project CLS63 ‘Thanotos’ goes Concave


Merciless and indiscriminate, Project Thanotos enforces its reputation with a fresh set of concave design wheels…

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SR Project Cayenne ‘Nemesis’ Teaser


Official photoshoot release coming soon…

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