Nailed It


Today we’re bringing you some drop top loving with a little help from our good friends at Modulare Wheels. Combining our insights on Audi R8′s, we…

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The Wild Bull


Unique would be an understatement when talking about our newest project to hit the streets. There is an indefinite amount of ways to describe the sheer awesomeness…

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Designed For You


The Ferrari 458 is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic, impressive, and well balanced super cars to this day. When it comes to modifying one, sometimes its harder than you think to improve on an already beautiful design but nothing is impossible…

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Joining Forces


The ingredients for our next feature involves an Alpina Infusion with a sprinkle of WALD. Alpina has always been one of the best options for BMW’s since their…

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Scion Magazine Feature


A few months ago we had one of Canada’s most renowned photographer Ste Ho come by our shop to shoot two of our most extensive Scion projects to date. Both vehicles were…

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