Going Wider | Prior Design G-Wagon


With wide body designs being the latest must have, and the surging popularity of the Mercedes G Wagon it was only a matter of time until Prior Design…

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On A Mission


We’ve been doing our best to keep this under wraps until now but it’s time to finally unveil our latest creation. It all started with a…

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Take Two


Round two of wheel swaps for our favorite Aventador in town has just happened. This time around it is rocking a sporty set of ADV1′s…

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Straight from the streets of Hong Kong is this amazing Aston Martin DBS. Built for a special client overseas, the car can be seen the upcoming Transformers 4 movie…

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Agetro F100 | A Range Of Precision


Three piece wheels are the way to go when it comes to upgrading your Range Rover. For us, there are always four main contenders that bring out some of the best designs…

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