Novitec Refines The 458 Speciale

“Carbon fiber, power, sound, and high-tech forged rims: these are the four vital cornerstones of the exclusive NOVITEC ROSSO refinement program for the new Ferrari 458 Speciale.”

Novitec has taken this racing inspired Ferrari 458 Speciale and turned it into a full fledged racing horse. The aerodynamic upgrades are designed from high strength carbon fiber and have been wind tunnel tested for maximum performance. Included in the package are a front spoiler, side skirts, rear wing, and rear diffuser.

The performance of the 458 has been upgraded with the use of their all new exhaust system. Crafted from Iconel, a materiel used in Formula 1 racing, the exhaust fully optimizes the power and sound while reducing weight.

When it comes to suspension, Novitec has never been one to shy away from a lowered car. Staying true to their racing inspired theme, they have developed a sport spring which lowers the vehicle by 30mm. Pairing that with a set of twenty-one inch wheels, you have a deadly beast on your hands.

Give us a call today for pricing and availability.

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Kicking off this beautiful Monday afternoon is a gorgeous Ferrari California. This particular Ferrari has been fitted with a set of forged monoblock PUR 1NE’s in a classy gloss lumiere grey finish. Adjusting the factory suspension, we brought the car down to a proper height. With the suspension dialed in correctly, we set the California free to enjoy the sun in Vancouver.

PUR 1NE, 21×9, 22×10 | Gloss Lumiere Grey

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Next up to wear the prestigious ‘Wald Black Bison’ name is the Mercedes R172 SLK. Adapting the signature concepts from their previous kits, they have ensured that the ‘Black Bison’ name holds strong to this platform. From what we can tell in the photos below, WALD has designed a full package which is set to include a front bumper, side skirts, rear diffuser, and rear trunk spoiler.

Give us a call today to get your SLK looking just like this.

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Let It Begin

There’s something blue brewing in the SR labs. This is a project we have been waiting to start on for a while, and today is the day. We can’t reveal too much at this moment, but its definitely going to be the talk of the summer.

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The Mercedes SL Progression

A mix of past and present brings us our feature of the day. Two icons in the Mercedes family shared the spotlight as we admired them for all their beauty. The Mercedes 230Sl and SL63 AMG come from the same breed of drop top powerhouse machines. Although they are separated by a significant amount of years, they still share a hand full of similarities. It’s always a true pleasure as automotive enthusiasts to witness the progression of automotive history right in front of your eyes.

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Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador | Round Two

In true Liberty Walk fashion, they have taken the an already amazing machine and turned it into a wild beast. They have adapted their wide body styling to the Lamborghini Aventador by fitting it with their signature flare designs. This is their second go at the Aventador, as their previous kit did not feature the widened profile. We must say that this second version does look spectacular. The lines flow very smoothly and the exposed hardware add a raw touch to the refined car.

Contact us today for pricing and availability.

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