Crispy and Clean

Just because it’s the middle of December, it doesn’t mean we can bring you something new and fresh. Hot and ready out of the kitchen is this crisp white Lexus LFA that has been fitted with a new set of wheels. Rocking the very first set of PUR RS22’s in the world, this LFA looks absolutely amazing in person. The directional twist design itself features a two tone finish of gloss lumiere grey and gloss black. With a staggered twenty inch diameter, we made sure the LFA had enough meat on the tires to put down all that power.

PUR RS22, 20×9.5, 20×11 | Gloss Lumiere Grey Face, Gloss Black Window





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Wider Profile

We are very pleased to share with you Vancouver’s very first Khan Design widebody Range Rover. Taking on the challenge of creating a wider profile was a task that we were eager to tackle. The Khan design kit was very easy to work with and created very sleek body lines that flowed into the factory body. The arches allowed us to push the wheels out even more than we have before on a Range. We fitted it with a low offset twenty-four inch set of PUR LX19’s, which were finished with a gloss chestnut brown face, gloss black windows and a gloss chestnut brown lip.

PUR LX19, 24×10 | Gloss Chestnut Brown Face, Gloss Black Windows, Gloss Chestnut Brown Lip

Khan Design Front Fender Arches
Khan Design Rear Fender Arches
Khan Design Front Grille
Khan Design Front Lip

Khan Design Exhaust System







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Shed The Weight

Bulk up and shed away the unnecessary weight to be as efficient as possible. That was the goal of the PUR 8IGHT when it was first released years ago. With that goal achieved, it was then possible to translate it to the performance super cars of today. Fitted onto a Ferrari 458, the PUR 8IGHT design truly emphasizes the the large brake profiles. The wheels were engineered to a staggered 21/22″ fitment and finished in gloss davinci red. The vibrant pop of color adds a level of contrast to the otherwise simplistic design, allowing the wheel to stand on its own.

PUR 8IGHT, 21×9, 22×12 | Gloss Davinci Red






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Total Package

As far as SUV’s go, it should be pretty clear by now which ones are our favourites. The Range Rover has always been in our top five and with good reason. It can never look bad, not matter what the season. Shinning brightly in the summer or covered in dirt in the winter, every look suites it. For this particular Range Rover, we equipped it with the all new PUR SP07 wheel which is a cast design influenced by their forged counterpart. The wheels themselves have been custom painted in a gloss piano black finish. Measuring out to a tall twenty four inch diameter, the wheels are wrapped with a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero’s.

PUR SP07, 24×10 | Gloss Black






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Bunny Season

Bunny season is upon us and to kick it off we have Vanvouver’s very first Rocket Bunny Lexus RCF. Dressed in all black, this widened RCF looks absolutely menacing. Like all other Rocket Bunny kits, the full package includes a plethora of exterior upgrades such as a front lip, fenders flares, rear wing, and the list goes on. To lower the car, we installed a set of RSR fully adjustable coilovers. The final piece to the puzzle were the crimson red PUR LX10.V3’s. Crafted in a wide staggered twenty inch profile, the made to order wheels filled up the widened flares without the use of any spacers.

PUR LX10.V3, 20×10.5, 20×12 | Gloss Davinci Red Face, Gloss Davinci Red Step Lip

RSR Coilover System

Rocket Bunny Front Lip
Rocket Bunny Front Fender Flares
Rocket Bunny Side Skirts
Rocket Bunny Rear Fender Flares
Rocket Bunny Rear Diffuser
Rocket Bunny Rear Spoiler

Apexi Catback Exhaust System






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With the crisp cold air taking over, its time to tuck away the sports cars and bring out the SUV’s. The type of car that will carry you safely through the entire winter with not a single challenge in its sight. Working together with Land Rover Richmond, we equipped the newest Range Rover on their lot with a set of PUR LX10’s. The wheels feature a a split matte and gloss combination of black diamond. The earthy tones play well with the upcoming months as they do not take a lot of maintenance to look great.

PUR LX10, 24×10 | Matte Black Diamond Face, Gloss Black Diamond Lip






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