Instantly Upgraded


With not a single minute wasted, we got this brand new 2016 Mini Cooper S JCW up on our hoist for a quick suspension upgrade…

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The Future Is Here


Charged with electricity, the supercar of tomorrow is among us. Ever since the concept design was…

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The New Prince


The follow up to the Mercedes SLS is this angry younger brother that may just be even better looking. The AMG GT was…

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Up High With A GT3


Up on the hoist today is the brand new Porsche 991 GT3, which is in for a exhaust upgrade. Thanks for the great people at Akrapovic…

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Crispy and Clean


Just because it’s the middle of December, it doesn’t mean we can bring you something new and fresh…

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Wider Profile


We are very pleased to share with you Vancouver’s very first Khan Design widebody Range Rover. Taking on the challenge of creating…

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