Onto The Next Level

When you have a special edition Lamborghini Aventador, no run of the mill wheel is going to do the job. You need something extraordinary, something limited, something that will take the car to the next level.

This particular Aventador was designed in conjunction with Pirelli, and features a factory matte white exterior, along with signature red accents on the vents, mirrors and tires. To really emphasize the exclusivity of this Aventador, we installed a set of forged monoblock PUR RS05.V2. The limited run of only 25 sets, made this wheel super rare and fitting for the Aventador. The gloss black/carbon fiber scheme ties in very nicely with the already black and carbon accents on the car.

PUR RS05.V2, 20×9, 21×12.5 | Gloss Black

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Second Encounters

When one RCF pops up, there’s sure to be more on the way. Moving on from our last RCF post to the one today, we had the chance to experience this coupe a second time. This time around we fitted this RCF with a set of twenty inch satin bronze Vossen VFS2’s. Trying out a different design style, we noticed that the RCF can pull off almost any look it wants. The straight edged spoke design emphasizes the unique lines of the RCF and gives the wheels a larger perception.

Vossen VFS2, 20×9, 20×10.5 | Satin Bronze

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The Intro

Phase one of our RCF project has just been completed. In this initial phase we took on the task of giving the RCF some precise minor upgrades. Starting with the suspension, we installed a set of RSR springs and paired it with a set of forged PUR RS07’s. With the wheels and suspension dialed in, we focused on the noise. A brand new catback exhaust system courtesy of Apexi was installed and it made a night and day difference. To finish the first part of the build, a Rocket Bunny rear diffuser and front lip were mounted on for that aggressive touch. Stay tuned for the second phase of this RCF.

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Featuring the feature

It’s a great feeling to see your work recognized by your peers. Browsing through our daily automotive updates, we stumbled upon two articles written by Carbuzz about our recent LP700 and Hellcat projects.

Stop by the following links to check it out:


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Newly Refreshed

The Lamborghini Aventador has been out for a few years now and with any owner, a few years means its time for a refresher. With the wheels previous upgraded, the owner took it upon himself to give it a new look with a bespoke matte mag blue shade. The dark blue tone ties in very nicely with the factory teal exterior. The exterior has been converted with an upgraded LP720 front and rear bumper. With it all said and done, this Lamborghini Aventador looks brand spanking new all over again.

PUR RS05, 20×9, 21×12.5 | Bespoke Matte Mag Blue

LP720 Front Bumper Conversion
LP720 Rear Bumper Conversion

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Strut Exterior Package

To increase the aesthetics of your Tesla, we are now offering carbon fiber exterior upgrades courtesy of Strut. Having years of experience designing grilles and add ons for various vehicles, Strut has turned their attention to Tesla. Their exterior pieces consist of a front grille, door guards, and a rear spoiler with integrated emblem. All the pieces are crafted from 2×2 carbon fiber and feature a vibrant red trim.

Contact us today for pricing.

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