Equipped With Brabus


No other name has built up a reputation with Mercedes Benz owners quite like Brabus. The specialty brand has been in the industry for more years then we can recall. With their focus aimed at Mercedes Benz, it was only…

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Red Hot


There is nothing subtle happening here about this Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It was designed and put together to turn heads and break necks. The first step to this project was to fit the Liberty Walk kit on. From there we…

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The Supercar King


If there was one car that could forever stand the test of time and in most cases look even better with age, it would be the Ferrari F40. No matter how many will come after it, the F40 will still…

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Aimgain Lamborghini Aventador


The official release photos of the brand new Aimgain Lamborghini LP700 Aventador have been released, and we could not wait to share them with you. This wildly aggressive kit takes the Aventador to a whole new level. From the front,…

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Vancouver Auto Show Review


Now that the dust has all settled and we have recouped from the Vancouver International Auto Show, we can officially bring you photos of the line up we had on display. Residing outside the main entrance were our trio of…

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Vancouver International Auto Show Roll In


That time of the year has come again where Vancouver gathers together the best of the best into one place for the Vancouver International Auto Show. With the sun shining brightly on us yesterday, we commenced our roll in cruise.…

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