Crispy and Clean


Just because it’s the middle of December, it doesn’t mean we can bring you something new and fresh…

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Wider Profile


We are very pleased to share with you Vancouver’s very first Khan Design widebody Range Rover. Taking on the challenge of creating…

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Shed The Weight


Bulk up and shed away the unnecessary weight to be as efficient as possible. That was the goal of the PUR 8IGHT when…

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Total Package


As far as SUV’s go, it should be pretty clear by now which ones are our favourites. The Range Rover has always been in our top five and with good reason…

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Bunny Season


Bunny season is upon us and to kick it off we have Vanvouver’s very first Rocket Bunny Lexus RCF…

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With the crisp cold air taking over, its time to tuck away the sports cars and bring out the SUV’s…

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