The Enhanced Sound Makers

We’re no stranger when it comes to the perfectly crafted titanium exhaust systems by Akrapovic. Since their introduction to the automotive industry, Akrapovic has consistently been putting out amazing products and today’s system is no exception. With a Audi RS7┬ásystem laid out in front of us, we quickly got to work. While installing the exhaust we were able to get up close and personal and truly appreciate the craftsmanship. The small details such as laser cut left and right logos in the muffler hangers is what truly sets Akrapovic apart from the others.















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Golden Flare

Playing with the blue and gold theme today is this crispy clean BMW X5M. The vibrant SUV is sporting a set of forged twenty two inch PUR RS01 in a gloss monaco gold finish. Normally we would suggest something a bit more monochromatic for a car with a blue exterior, but the gold works so well. It really emphasizes the sporty nature of the X5M that a silver or black wheel just can’t.

PUR RS01, 22×10.5, 22×12 | Gloss Monaco Gold







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Safe To Stop

In for a full brake service was this gorgeous Porsche Panamera. Being a daily driver, this Panamera had worn out the pads and rotors that came with the car much earlier than those that only see the weekends. We installed a set of brand new pads and rotors and set the customer back onto the road again feeling safe that they have all the stopping power in their grasp.

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Full On Liberty Walk

The cat is back and just in time for the wet weather ahead. To prep the Hellcat for the gloomier months we installed a set of all black wheels designed and created by Liberty Walk themselves. Now we can say, this Hellcat is really sporting the full Liberty Walk package. The wheels measure out to a staggered twenty inch fitment and hug those fenders ever so tightly.

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Onto The Next Level

When you have a special edition Lamborghini Aventador, no run of the mill wheel is going to do the job. You need something extraordinary, something limited, something that will take the car to the next level.

This particular Aventador was designed in conjunction with Pirelli, and features a factory matte white exterior, along with signature red accents on the vents, mirrors and tires. To really emphasize the exclusivity of this Aventador, we installed a set of forged monoblock PUR RS05.V2. The limited run of only 25 sets, made this wheel super rare and fitting for the Aventador. The gloss black/carbon fiber scheme ties in very nicely with the already black and carbon accents on the car.

PUR RS05.V2, 20×9, 21×12.5 | Gloss Black

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Second Encounters

When one RCF pops up, there’s sure to be more on the way. Moving on from our last RCF post to the one today, we had the chance to experience this coupe a second time. This time around we fitted this RCF with a set of twenty inch satin bronze Vossen VFS2’s. Trying out a different design style, we noticed that the RCF can pull off almost any look it wants. The straight edged spoke design emphasizes the unique lines of the RCF and gives the wheels a larger perception.

Vossen VFS2, 20×9, 20×10.5 | Satin Bronze

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