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This is where it all began for the team at SR Auto Group. Our specialty is to be able to take an out of the box vehicle from the factory and make it uniquely yours with the addition of specialty wheels, tires, suspension and aftermarket accessories. We not only produce our own products such as our PUR Wheels and our Basics Suspension Products but we have been Authorised Distributors for such highly sought after brands such as Brabus, Startech, Lorinser, Techart, HRE, AG Wheels, and much more for the best part of SR’s 25 year history. Take a look at our brands below and trust that over the past 25 years we have learned the right way to complete your vehicle project.  


For our classic customers, we are also very well versed at taking a car that has been modified with another customers tastes and returning it back to its original form. We have many OEM parts in stock from our own builds and will be pleased to guide your way back to original.


A small note on modification. We are able to do almost anything to a car, from the engine, aerodynamics, wheels and tires, and body and paint. We pride ourselves with only the best work for our clients. SR Auto Group does not carry any replica products and stands behind everything we sell and install. We are happy to install any product you bring to us but cannot guarantee installation on any online purchases unless they are backed by their original manufacturer.




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