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Through The Stratosphere

We've made it very clear that the Porsche Taycan Turbo S is one of our favourite cars of this new generation. But when you through a Cross Turismo back on it, the Taycan soars through our stratosphere to being the best of the best. An hour into it's arrival, the Taycan was promptly upgraded with a new set of wheels and lowering links. Sometimes, we just can't help ourselves. We dropped the car to the height which we feel is the perfect middle ground. There is still enough clearance to get into entrances, and over speedbumps while eliminating just enough of the wheel gap. While we were fans of the factory 21" wheels, it's just not in our nature to leave it stock. So off they went, and on went a set of staggered forged 22" Techart Formula V's. The results speak for themselves, so enough rambling from us and enjoy the photos below.

Wheels Techart Formula V | 22x10 | 22x12 | Diamond cut face w/ titanium gray windows


Basics Lowering Links


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