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2 DI 25

After months of anticipation behind the scenes, we're finally able to showcase the very first Lamborghini Urus that we worked on. This is one car that definitely caused some controversy long before it was actually produced and released to the public. The Lamborghini Urus is by all criteria, not your standard Lamborghini. It’s large, has four doors, and is beyond different from the norm and that’s why we absolutely love it. With a standout exterior design like the Urus, the owner felt that the wheels needed to be a bit more special than the ones that it came with. The PUR RS39's were selected based on its unique design that incorporated carbon fiber blades to create a directional look. Limited to just twenty five sets, this Urus managed to snag number 2 making it one if not the only Urus to rock this set of wheels on the streets of Vancouver, BC.

Wheels PUR RS39 | 23x10.5 | 23x12 | Gloss Brilliant Silver Face | Gloss Black Window


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