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Project Violet is finally complete and ready to roll. If you have been following our Youtube channel, you know this was a no expense spared restoration with the goal of returning the Porsche 911 back to its original glory. The first step was a full tear down which involved removing any and everything possible including all the glass to get the car ready for a full repaint. Unfortunately this 911 was repainted once before, and as a result the car was entirely the wrong colour. Hidden within the jams was the original Violet Blue colour. Once the car was down to its bare bones, we sent it off to Fastrack Autobody for their expertise. While the 911 was getting its bodywork done, we slowly started accumulating the OEM and aftermarket parts to bring the Porsche back to life. With a long list of OEM parts ordered from Porsche, we made sure that every single trim, seal, and gasket was brand new because there's nothing worse than a fresh paint job with old dried up seals.

The 911 returned better than we could have ever expected. At that point, it was time to get moving on installing the coilovers, wheels, brakes, and interior. BBS wheels and Porsche have become a staple now in the Porsche community. Especially their motorsport exclusive design, the E88. Which we have to say is one stunning looking wheel. To just tie things all together on the wheel front, we had colour matching BBS decals made and the calipers colour matched as well. The 911 was lowered with a set of H&R street performance coilovers which allowed us to fine tune the height. The rest of the exterior remained stock as we we're going for the OEM plus look.

The interior may be our favourite part of this entire car. Right when you open the door, the first thing you notice are the custom door panels and seat inserts. We sourced this specific fabric to compliment the exterior and tie it together with the factory blue leather dashboard and upper door trim. Recaro Pole Position seats and a Momo Prototipo steering wheel were used for the period correct look. All in all, the interior serves a functional purpose to aid in driver experience while looking fantastic.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the parts for your Porsche, or looking to replicate this restoration, give us a call at 604-279-5563.

Wheels & Tires BBS E88 | 18x8 | 18x10 | Silver face w/ polish lip

Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

Suspension H&R Street Performance Coilover


Full vehicle repaint w/ brand new OEM seals


Recaro Pole Position w/ custom inserts

Custom door panels

Momo Prototipo steering wheel


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