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Adjusting The Hue

Projects are taking off here at the shop these days. Forgive us as we neglected to document the first part of this Lexus LC500's journey. It all began with a brand new Lexus LC500 that would quickly get enhanced with a Artisan Spirits exterior upgrade kit. A full Artisan Spirit carbon fiber lip kit has been installed along with a carbon fiber trunk spoiler to give the LC500 a more aggressive look. Along with the lip kit, a very subtle set of Artisan Spirit fender flaes have been installed onto the vehicle, giving it a wider stance than factory. Yes, some parts of the factory fenders and quarter panels were sacrificed for these flares but it was all worth it. Now that we're up to speed, let's jump back to the current day. The dark navy blue was just not cutting it, so we had to adjust the hue a tad with a full 3M vinyl wrap. Blue is still the colour of choice, just a shade or two lighter will suit this project better. We're definitely not stopping here as more parts are on their way to us as we speak, so check back for more updates.


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