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All Dialed In

The BMW M5 has a long history of greatness from every version that has ever been introduced into the market. With the new F90 platform on hand, we didn't waste any time getting it properly set up. We started by installing a set of H&R lowering springs to level out the ride height as BMW's have been notorious for having reverse rake from the factory. After we were content with the suspension set up, we moved towards the wheels. A set of forged monoblock PUR RS29's were engineered in a staggered twenty one inch fitment. The wheels featured a gloss black face and gloss lumiere grey inserts for a subtle two tone look. The last piece to the puzzle was the exhaust system. For that, we enlisted the help of one of the best in the business; Akrapovic. Their full titanium system was super straight forward and easy to install with great results in sound, performance, and looks.

Wheels PUR RS29 | Gloss Black Face | Gloss Lumiere Grey Insert

Suspension H&R Lowering Springs

Performance Akrapovic Exhaust System


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