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Back For Its Phootshoot

If you guys have been following our blog, you may remember a few posts where we were starting to transform this Lexus LC500. It's been quite some time since the first days of working on this LC500, but I'm glad we're back with the first photoshoot of the car since it's completion. If you guys did miss out on the original posts, here's a crash course on what transpired. We had a full Artisan Spirits widebody kit installed onto the LC500. It's not your traditional widebody kit that you're used to as the flares are alot more subtle and refined. The kit also included a handful of carbon fiber parts. From there, the vehicle was wrapped in a deep gloss blue vinyl that hovers between purple and cyan hues. Finishing off the car was a set of forged duoblock PUR RS07's in a gloss lumiere grey finish.


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