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As the salt and snow have all disappeared, we're graced with the first Porsche of the year. It's safe to say that with more sun, we'll be seeing more and more sports cars back on the roads. Planning well ahead, the owner of this 991.2 Turbo contacted us to place an order for a custom set of three piece forged PUR LX10's early into winter. As the wheels are made to order and feature a lead time of 7-8 weeks, it was perfect timing. With a double staggered fitment of 20" in the front and 21" in the rear, the wheels bolted on perfectly to the Porsche 911. They were finished with a matte chrome bronze face, gloss chestnut brown lip and stainless steel assembly hardware. The earth tones paired well with the yellow calipers to create one amazing looking Porsche.


PUR LX10 | Matte chrome bronze face, Gloss chestnut brown lip


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