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Big Boy Shoes

We caught a small break in the rain and that was just enough time for us to head out to capture some photos of this Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe (Say that 3 times fast). While the photos make the Rolls Royce look like an ordinary sized car, in reality it is not a car that easily blends in, and why should it? Normally we reserve twenty four inch wheel fitments for the likes of a large SUV because it looks proportional to the overall size of the vehicle, but this Rolls Royce has the size to back it up. We installed a set of forged monoblock PUR RS08's in a gloss lumiere grey finish to compliment the brushed hood. With the new twenty four inch wheels mounted, the last step was to remove the wheel gap to making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible without compromising the comfort Rolls Royce' are known for. With a happy medium achieved, this Rolls Royce was ready to hit the streets.

Wheels PUR RS08 | 24X10 | Gloss Lumiere Grey

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