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Blown Away

Blown away is the best way to describe how we felt when this Mercedes AMG GTR rolled out of our shop. Although some would say that it's just wheels and tires, we believe that it's much more than that. The right combination can redefine how you look at a car, and it has certainly changed how we looked at this AMG GTR. The wheels in question are a set of three piece forged PUR LX23's. As with all made to order three piece wheels, the finish for all the pieces are fully customizable. For this particular set, the face was polished and finished with matte chestnut brown. The outer step lip was polished and finished with gloss monaco gold. The inner barrel was matte black and standard stainless steel hardware was used to assemble the wheel. The wheels measured to a staggered sizing of 20x10 in the front and 21x12 in the rear.

Give us a call today to get your car setup right.

Wheels PUR LX23 | 20X10 | 21X12 | Polish w/matte chestnut brown face, Polish w/gloss monaco gold lip, Matte black inner, Stainless steel hardware


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