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Carbon Overhaul

Interiors have never looks better as we just completed a full carbon fiber overhaul on a Mclaren 650S. All the carbon fiber pieces were created by MA Carbon and have a OEM like fit. The most noticeable of all the carbon fiber additions was the entire center console which included the navigation screen surrounding plate. Included with the center console was a red carbon fiber holder for the start button. The next object that your eye automatically gets drawn to is the steering wheel.  The trim pieces on the steering wheel have been replaced with carbon fiber and a set of carbon fiber paddle shifter extensions were installed for easier use while driving.

Interior MA Carbon Navigation Screen Surround MA Carbon Drivers Side Climate Control MA Carbon Passenger Side Climate Control MA Carbon Door Latch Pull Surround MA Carbon Center Console MA Carbon Aero Control Panel MA Carbon Red Carbon Fiber Start Button Surround MA Carbon Paddle Shifter Extensions MA Carbon Steering Wheel Trim Pieces MA Carbon Center Console Trim Plate MA Carbon Dash Air Vent Set


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