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Check Mark

As easy as installing a set of aftermarket wheels is, there is a lot of thought that goes on behind the scenes. The deciding factors are design, finish, wheel offset, and tire size. Sometimes you can have three of the four factors checked off but the tires are back ordered across North America. Or the wheels you absolutely love are unfortunately not made for your specific vehicle model. However, when all the boxes are ticked you get to finally see your vision come to fruition. Case in point is this Porsche Cayenne that we had the pleasure of working on. We had a custom set of twenty two inch PUR FL25's engineered to exact wheel specifications required to ensure a flush yet comfortable fitment on the Cayenne. With no other modifications needed, the wheels bolted right on like finding the missing puzzle piece. Finished in gloss brilliant silver, the FL25's are a perfect compliment to the Cayenne.

Wheels PUR FL25 | Gloss Brilliant Silver


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