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Through all the progress updates, we finally have the finished product on the Novitec 812 Superfast N Largo project. Truth be told, the vehicle was done right before quarantine but due to safety measures we have not be able to take photos of the car until now. The final colour of this Ferrari 812 Superfast was deep gloss black. With such a extreme styling, it was nice to tone down the colour choice to something that will always look good. Even though it is black, none of the features of the Novitec N Largo kit are hidden. We kept all the carbon fiber pieces exposed to really show off the aero parts. The wheels and suspension were installed shortly after the car was painted. Up until that point, the car was sitting on the factory wheels at stock height but everything changed once the wheels were mounted. They just completed the car in a way that we weren't expecting. The extreme deep concave faces really amplify how wide this Novitec N Largo kit makes the Ferrari 812. That's enough talking for this post, onto the photos.

Novitec N Largo front bumper w/carbon fiber front lip

Novitec N Largo front fenders

Novitec N Largo rear quarter panels

Novitec N Largo carbon fiber side skirts

Novitec N Largo rear bumper

Novitec N Largo carbon fiber rear diffuser

Novitec N Largo carbon fiber rear spoiler

Novitec N Largo carbon fiber hood vents

Novitec sport spring kit

Novtec NF10 NL forged wheels

Novitec 812 power optimized exhaust system

Novitec 812 X pipe

Novitec 812 catalyst replacement pipe

Novitec 812 exhaust tips


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