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Crank Up The Heat

A cool breeze flowing in from the river paired with a killer looking Rolls Royce Wraith is all we needed to enjoy our Thursday afternoon. As only one of twenty special 'Umbra Edition' Rolls Royce Wraith's in the world, it was quite important to capture the moment. To turn it up a notch, this Rolls Royce Wraith was lowered with a set of Basics lowering links to achieve the ride height you see below. Following the suspension adjustment, we mounted a set of staggered twenty two inch PUR RS41's in a full polish finishing. Not every car can pull off the full polish wheel look but on this Wraith, it suits it quite well. Enjoy the photos below.

Wheels PUR RS41 | 22X10 | 22X12 | Polish


Basics Lowering Links


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