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Deep Dive Pt.1

Diving into the hard drives we dug up some of our favourites spanning from 2010-2015. Some cars you may remember if you've been around long enough but if you haven't, then this is a great refresher.

1. Mercedes S550 with a full Lorinser package. Starting from 2010, this S550 was at the top of the food chain at the time. The Lorinser kit included a front bumper, front fenders, side skirts, rear bumper, trunk spoiler. and wheels. Even til this day, this S550 still looks absolutely fantastic.

2. The Lamborghini Reventon was and still is one of the most rare Lamborghini's ever made. In 2010 we were able to bring one onto Canadian soil and display it at the Vancouver International Auto Show.

3. Techart is the name of the game. As authorized dealers of the brand we put these two Porsche's together around the same time in 2010. One Cayman, and one Boxster both equipped with full Techart kits and matte white exteriors.

4. 2010 was one productive year as we also managed to squeeze out this Mansory Panamera. Looking back at this project, it was wild that we were able to completely make over a car that still brand new to the market.

5. The spark of the ADV1 era definitely began with the ADV1 5.1 wheel. This Audi R8 was one of the first cars we ever installed ADV1's on to and that's why it is a highlight of our past.

6. This Lamborghini Murcielago stood out to us because it might have been the last time we had a manual transmission Murcielago in our shop. We fitted the car with a set of three piece forged ADV1 wheels and sent it on its way.

7. In 2011 the Ferrari 458 was the star of the show. Novitec Rosso had just introduced their brand new kit for the 458, and we instantly fell in love. We brought a kit into Canada, and got to work on this black 458. Completing the car was a set of three piece forged ADV1 wheels. It's safe to say that we were on the ADV1 train that year.

8. Nearing the end of 2011, we completed Canada's first Premier 4509 Lamborghini Murcielago. With all the crazy widebody kits today, this Murcielago may seem tame to most but back in 2011 this was everything. Along with the Premier 4509 kit, this project marked the beginning of PUR Wheels with the first set of LX04's ever.

9. Revere is a luxury styling brand based out of the United Kingdom. At the time we wanted something that was different from the rest of pack when it came to Range Rover's. Through a bit of research we came across Revere and the rest was history. Paired with a set of Evoklass wheels this Range Rover Sport had a one of a kind look in Vancouver.

10. The Scion tuner challenge. We entered the 5 month challenge with a very limited budget but through our great friends, vendors, and supporters we pulled it off. We took a very ordinary Scion XB and thoroughly transformed ever part of it to become a piece of art.

11. 2012 kicked off with one of the very first Lexus LFA's to hit the streets of Vancouver. We installed a set of forged three piece PUR LX04's to completely change the look of the LFA.

12. This wild matte orange Maserati Granturismo was at the peak of when matte vinyl wraps were taking over the market. Along with the vibrant colour, we installed a full DMC bodykit and a set of forged monoblock PUR wheels.

13. Mid way through 2012 we wrapped up a Mercedes CLS63 AMG with a full WALD Japan kit. As authorized dealers for WALD Japan, it's always a pleasure to see their products in person. The kit included a front bumper, front fenders, side skirts, rear bumper, and exhaust system.

14. 2013 marked the year of the snowventador. Seen across multiple media platforms this Lamborghini Aventador took the internet by storm. From its matte black exterior, to the forged monoblock PUR wheels, the most notable change was the addition of the Thule ski box.

15. Akrapovic was known in the motorcycle world for quite some time but they made their transition to the automotive world. With just one exhaust install, it was clear that this would be our number one pick for any aftermarket exhaust system.

16. This BMW Z4 is no stranger when it comes to social media. Taking over instagram since its completion, it features a Duke Dynamics wide body kit that perfectly compliments the three piece forged PUR Wheels.

17. The Brabus G Wagon wave was just beginning. After the first full Brabus widestar kit was done on this matte black G63, we went on to putting together a handful more widestar G Wagons. Now we've become one of the premiere Brabus dealers in all of Canada.

18. If you're a movie buff then this car needs no introduction. This is the Nissan GTR from the movie Elysium. Through some contacts we were able to purchase this GTR and put a twist on an already iconic car. We installed a Liberty Walk kit, Airrex suspension, and custom forged PUR Wheels. This was also the beginning of the Liberty Walk craze that would quickly sweep the entire automotive industry.

19. Lumma design is another brand that we were very interested in carrying. With the perfect candidate, we reached out to Lumma Design and became an authorized dealer. Turning a soccer mom Range Rover Sport into a matte black wide body juggernaut.

20. The last feature of our first recap is the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458. We first saw the kit at SEMA and instantly knew we had to build one in Canada. Fast forward to this 458 Spider that was willing to undergo the transformation. After the first cut into the quarter panel, there was no turning back. It was the just the beginning for us when it came to cutting up super cars.


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