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F8 Tributo By Novitec

Starting 2021 off right, we present the official photos of the Novitec F8 Tributo. Novitec has upgraded the F8 Tributo through performance, suspension, aerodynamics, and wheels. The F8 Tributo sees a bump in power to 802hp and 898nm of torque. They achieve this through their new exhaust system which is made with lightweight inconel. Novitecs inconel is a gold plated option that helps dissolve heat faster.

To aid in the suspension department, Novitec has engineered a set of lowering springs which is said to reduce the height by 35mm. Along with the springs is a front lift system which will raise the front by 40mm to ensure safe entry into parkades and over speed bumps.

Moving outside the car, we see Novitec's traditional design language put into the aerodynamics. Their aero kits are always made of high quality carbon fiber and only set out to accent the original styling of the Ferrari. The major components in their aerodyanmic kit are a front lip spoiler, side flaps, side skirts, rear wing, rear spoiler lip, and a rear diffuser. There's plenty more included in the kit that will be sure to set your F8 Tributo apart from the rest.

The last piece of the puzzle are the wheels. Shown in the photos below are the Novitec NF10's in a staggered 21/22" fitment. They also have two other offerings for the F8 Tributo with their NF8 directional and NF9 models.

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