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Feeling Super

Second Lamborghini in this month for a exhaust upgrade. This time around it’s a brand new Lamborghini Aventador SV. The exhaust that we’ll be installing is made by Armytrix and features a full titanium construction. Each bend of the exhaust is actually a pie cut piece of titanium that is then welded to another to create the tubing. The system features a cat delete which is sure to make this Aventador SV sound insane.

The install consisted of removing the rear wing, tail lights, rear bumper, and finally the rear muffler section. After taking out the factory cats, we compared them side by side with the Armytrix delete pipes. The Armytrix pipes feature less restrictions allowing for more free flowing air to pass through at a higher rate. The overall fit and construction of the Armytrix exhaust was top notch, and because of such it made the install much smoother.


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