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Focus Point

We're a day short from Ferrari Friday, but it's okay because were wrapping up this Ferrari 458 and couldn't wait to show you guys what we did. All the work on this Ferrari 458 was focused on the footwork. We started by removing the factory Brembo calipers to have them refinished in a bright yellow paint. A brand new set of Ferrari decals were applied before the clear coat was shot to ensure a factory like finish. While the calipers were at the bodyshop, we focused on the suspension. We installed a set of Novitec Rosso sport lowering springs. Pair with the factory adjustable coilovers, this is sure to allow us to dial in the height exactly to the owners liking. Lastly, we mounted a set of brand new forged monoblock PUR RS23's with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S's. The wheels were brushed and then finished with matte monaco gold. Check back to see how this car looks once its back on the ground.


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