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Height Adjustable Suspension

The KW HAS (height adjustable suspension) is an amazing option for those that are looking for way to lower their vehicle while maintaining the factory adaptive ride settings. The KW kit replaces the factory springs with a sleeved collar, their own spring, and a helper spring. The collar allows you to adjust the height to your liking with a range of 0.2"-1.0" of lowering. The spring provides superb ride quality and comfort. Lastly, the helper spring helps aid in maintaining a proper amount of preload on the spring. The install, while simple in theory does still take quite a bit of time to complete as it requires removing the factory suspension and disassembling the spring from the strut. After everything is all said and done, you have a nicely lowered car wtih a fantastic ride quality. All the benefits of a lowered car without any of the compromise.

Give us a shout for any of your KW Suspension needs as we're an authorized distributor.


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