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Hunting For Grails

Anyone that has begun a restoration project, knows just how time consuming it can be. Especially when parts have been discontinued for years. But that's where the fun begins for most people. Getting the thrill of searching the web for the exact part you need to complete your project is what makes a restoration project so memorable. The first area we focused our attention on was the exterior. We searched high and low for a very specific set of Momo I.D.E.A's as it was the most period correct wheel for this Volkwagen. With the wheels in hand, we had them fully refinished with matching spoke covers. The entire exterior was fully repainted with some subtle changes made along the way. We just couldnt install the refinished Momo's and leave the car with a massive wheel gap, so a set of lowering springs and new shocks were installed as well. While the car was on the hoist and the wheels were off, we also replaced the front and rear brakes with all new parts. The final piece to this puzzle was to add a touch of modern technology. A Kenwood single din head unit was installed along with bluetooth capability just to remind us that we're in 2020.


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