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Interior Refresh

Anyone that has taken on a restoration project knows that there can never be a true deadline as some parts can take forever to source. For the most part, we have been pretty lucky that parts for this Foxbody Mustang are available through Late Model Restoration. For the parts that were unfortunately discontinued, we had them reconditioned to a like new condition. We replaced the old tired foam in the front seats and reupholstered them along with the back seats in the original colour scheme of grey tweed and leather. We installed a new set of window switches and cover panel onto the reconditioned door panels. The old window switches were faded and just didn't look right against the newly restored panels. The center arm rest pad, along with the entire center console were also reconditioned as the console was discontinued. With the larger interior pieces all installed, we can now focus on all the detailed parts that need attention like the cigarette lighter, sunroof switch, headlight switch, HVAC knobs...etc. We'll be back with an update soon.


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