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It’s A Rough World

This build needs no introduction, known worldwide it has created its very own following. When you see those wide fenders and that low stance, you instantly know it is a Rauh-Welt Begriff built Porsche. With the project being managed by Flat Six Classics, we were approached to help out by providing the wheels and major suspension components. Prior to its widebody transformation, we installed a set of H&R coilovers and mounted a set of ultra deep dish PUR LG01’s. The wheels were finished with a matte black face and gloss chestnut brown step lip. Shortly after our task was done, the master himself; Nakai-San arrived and we watched the magic happen over a span of two days. To see it happen live is something any car enthusiast can appreciate. The attention to detail is second to none, as Nakai-San is utterly meticulous with his work. A true testament to following your passion first, as the rest will come along.

Wheels PUR LG01 | 18×10.5 | 18×13 | Matte Black Face | Gloss Chestnut Brown Step Lip


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