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Jumping Into 2019

It may still be the dead middle of winter but that's not slowly down the cars that come in and out of the shop. Today we were greeted by a brand new 2019 Range Rover Vogue that came straight to us after leaving the dealership. Prior to it's delivery the owner contacted us to get a new set of wheels ready for the car so that it could look its absolute best once it hits the road. With comfort being one of the key factors in selecting a new set of wheels, we ultimately decided to go with a twenty two inch set up. Fast forward to today, a set of flowform PUR FL25's were wrapped in Pirelli all season tires and mounted onto the new Range Rover. The wheels were finished in gloss chrome bronze to provide a nice sporty appeal.

Wheels PUR FL25 | 22x10.5 | Gloss Chrome Bronze


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