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Larger Than Life

Our first fully Brabus equipped Mercedes G550 4×4 has arrived and it is a force to be reckoned with. Upon the first look, you are greeted with a a larger than life G wagon that truly commands a presence. After taking a few steps closer, you then can start to appreciate all the Brabus upgrades that have been fitted all around and inside the vehicle. Some of the more easily noticeable pieces are the hood vent, exhaust, side steps and front grille. Under the hood, Brabus has fitted its B40 kit which features a control module that increases boost pressure and remaps the fuel injection and ignition. After its all said and done, the G wagon has a output of 500hp and 523 ft-lb of torque. This 4×4 G wagon was built to attack any terrain and will most certainly look good doing so.

Performance Brabus B40 Kit Brabus Valve Controlled Exhaust System

Exterior Brabus Carbon Fiber Hood Brabus Carbon Fiber Turn Signal Delete Brabus Lower Lip W/LED DRL Brabus B Grille Brabus Upper Bumper Add On Brabus Side Steps Brabus Rear Bumper Brabus Center Caps

Interior Brabus Entrance Panels Brabus Paddle Shifters Brabus Floor Mats Brabus Pedal Set

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