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Let It Sing

The chip shortage has certainly slowed down the amount of brand new cars we've been seeing lately. So it was much to our surprised when we saw this 2021 Mercedes GLS63 AMG come by the shop looking an exhaust system. We called our friends at Brabus and luckily enough for us, they had their valve controlled cat back system in stock. In a day where nothing is readily available anymore, it was a amazing feel to hear the word "in stock". Needless to say, the exhaust was shipped out the next day and on route to us. Before we could install it, we had to take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship of the Brabus exhaust. Laid next to the factory exhaust system, the Brabus system features a more free flowing design. The hardest part of the entire install was removing the factory exhaust as it is a single piece unit. After that was done, the Brabus exhaust bolted up without a single hiccup. Which is what you expect when you buy and install a Brabus made part.

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