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Mansory Enhanced

The latest news from Mansory is a full body kit and wheel combination designed for the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. They have made sure that this kit will work for both the regular Cayenne and the coupe version. The kit is set to include the following:

- full carbon fiber hood

- carbon fiber front lip

- front fender vents

- wide front fender flares

- side skirts with carbon fiber accents

- wide rear quarter panel flares

- carbon fiber rear diffuser

- carbon fiber rear hatch spoiler

- carbon fiber rear hatch mid spoiler

We all know that just installing the kit itself with the stock wheels would be blasphemy. Luckily Mansory has got you covered by designing a twenty three inch monoblock forged wheel to fit right up to the edge of the new fender flares. The wheels follow the sporty theme of the kit, with a classic design that doesn't steal the show.


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