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Masterfully Crafted

Last week a very special exhaust system finally arrived. We ordered this Novitec race exhaust system back in November 2021 for a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Needless to say, it was worth the wait. In typical fashion, we took a moment to look over the exhaust and appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship. Once It's installed, the exhaust is pretty much hidden. With the glamour shots done, we started by removing the rear end to expose the factory exhaust system. We put the factory exhaust next to the new Novtec race system and there really is no comparison. You can immediately tell that the Novitec system has a better free flowing design and will be much louder as there is no muffler. All the measurements were absolutely perfect as the Novitec exhaust just bolted on with ease. And that is exactly what you're paying for with a brand like Novitec. Sound aside, you're paying for quality research and development to ensure that the product youre getting meets and exceeds the standards set by Lamborghini themselves. Be sure to follow our youtube channel as we'll be posting an official sound clip soon.


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