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We said we would keep it under wraps but sometimes the excitement is too much to bear. With that said, here we have our 1993 Ford Mustang Fox Body project themed after the iconic Mustang from the movie Menace II Society. It finally returned to us after a full vehicle repaint from white to the iconic green/grey colour. With alot of work ahead of us, we began by installing the Dayton wire wheels and boy did that just light up the room. Seeing the wheels on the car made really brought the car to life. After the wheels were on, we worked on installing the new headlights as the original ones were too hazed and pitted from the years on the road. We still have the entire interior, audio system, exterior seals and moldings to install before the car will be back on the road. Stay tuned to our youtube page and the blog for more updates on this project.


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