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Moment Of Appreciation

Once in a while we catch a moment where we step back and really appreciate what has been placed before us. By now, we have seen more Mercedes G Wagons than anyone else in town but it's always a amazing experience every time we complete one and see it on the road. Outfitted with a majority of the Brabus catalog, this matte black G63 AMG looks absolutely ferocious. We mounted a set of PUR FL23's in a square twenty two inch fitment. Finished in matte black as well, the wheels definitely fall in line with the theme of the G63 AMG. Even though we've lost count of how many Brabus G Wagons we have had in the shop, this still feels like the first one we've had the opportunity to create.

Wheels PUR FL23 | 22x10.5 | Matte Black

Exterior Brabus Front Lip

Brabus Front Grille

Brabus Hood

Brabus Widestar Fender Flares

Brabus Widestar Door Add-Ons

Brabus Rear Bumper

Brabus Spare Tire Cover


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