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On A Run

We’ve definitely been on a run lately when it comes to the Tesla Model X. The influx of these electric vehicles has made it so that we don’t go a week without featuring another one. For today we have a Model X that was fitted with the first set of forged monoblock PUR 4OUR’s in a staggered twenty two inch fitment. The owner wanted a sport design that could last the lifetime of their ownership and that’s where the PUR4OUR’s came into play. The classic design crosses all boundaries of vehicle design and looks at home on almost any car. Finished in matte anthracite, the overall look is subtle yet it’s very obvious that this Model X has something different about it compared to the rest of them.

Wheels PUR 4OUR | 22×9.5 | 22×10.5 | Matte Anthracite


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