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Perfect Fitment

In conjunction with Land Rover Richmond, we're back with the latest Range Rover Sport. Rolling off the showroom floor to our shop, this Range Rover was as new as it gets. But even before it could be seen on the road, Land Rover Richmond wanted it fitted with a brand new set of wheels. Going with the monoblock forged PUR RS50 design, we had the wheels made in a twenty two inch sizing that absolutely fit the Range Rover Sport perfectly. With less than a millimeter to spare, the wheels were pushed as far as possible without the risk of rubbing. The result is one of the best fitting Range Rovers we have seen to date. The RS50's were finished in the gloss brilliant silver colour to offset the blacked out exterior of the Range Rover.

Wheels PUR RS50 | 22x10.5 | Gloss Brilliant Silver


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