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Plan And Execute

These days it's hard to resist the urge to jump into a full fledged EV but when they look this good, how can you say no? This is the first Audi E-Tron that we have had the pleasure of working on and we definitely can't wait to see more of these at the shop. The game plan for this specific E-Tron was very simple; to make a stylish comfortable car for everyday use. Keeping in mind that this will be a daily driver, we went with a twenty-one inch PUR RS50 design to maintain a bit more sidewall. A twenty two inch diameter is more than possible on the E-Tron and would look equally as good. As Vancouver is notorious for having some bumpy roads and dips, we lowered the E-Tron to a conservative height that still looks fantastic. If you have any questions about the lowering links or the wheels, feel free to give us a call and chat with our of our parts specialists.

Wheels PUR RS50 | 21x9.5 | 21x11 | Brush W/ Gloss Lumiere Grey

Suspension Basic Lowering Links


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