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Prior Design Porsche Taycan

Prior Design is back with a kit we didn't know we needed until now. Their muse of choice was the brand new Porsche Taycan. The first thing that caught our eyes were the new wide fenders. According to Prior Design, the fenders will extend the Taycan by 60mm (2.3") in the front and 100mm (3.9") in the rear. Connecting the front fenders to the bumper are a set of canards and a front lip which we can assume will be produced in carbon fiber. Moving your attention to the side of the Taycan, we noticed a new side skirt design that joined the front and rear flares. Once we got a look at the rear of the Taycan, it was obvious the focal point was the brand new GT wing which actually looks amazing on the Taycan. IF you want to be one of the first with this Prior Design kit, give us a call today.


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