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Refreshed footwork

The word classic does get thrown around too often these days but an air cooled Porsche 911 is definitely the definition of classic. Lifted on our hoist, this Porsche 911 is in for an upgrade to its suspension. brakes, and wheels. It rolled into the shop with a RUF coilover system but due to the age, it is being replaced with a set of brand new KW coilovers. The fully adjustable system is a perfect upgrade for any Porsche enthusiast looking to lower their car while maintaining a precision level of handling.

Once the coilovers were installed we moved onto the brakes. We went with all factory parts straight from Porsche. Two piece front rotors, single piece rear rotors, new pads, shims, and brake pad sensors were all on hand. The only aftermarket piece to the puzzle were a set of stainless steel Goodridge brake likes. The stainless steel brake lines provide excellent heat dissipation and are stand up to damage and wear from road debris much better than standard rubber lines.

The final piece to this 993 were the wheels. After doing so much already, there was no way we were going to leave the stock wheels on the car. To see what wheels were chose and how they look on the car, check out our youtube channel for a brand new video coming soon.


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