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Retro Styled

When the past catches up to the present, we get to witness amazing combinations like this modern day Corvette on a retro styled set of Rotiform wheels. The front wheels are the Rotiform LAS-R, while the rear wheels are the Rotiform CCV. The front wheels feature the signature aerodisc covers that really distinguish this Corvette from any other Corvette on the road. The wheels feature a staggered sizing of 19" front and 20" rear wheel and have been finished in gloss black. Along with the new wheels, we adjusted the factory suspension bolts to lower the Corvette. Finally, the car was fully painted to Designo Selenite Grey Magno. Check out the photos below to see how the car turned out.

Wheels Rotiform LAS-R (Front)

Rofiform CCV (Rear)

Rotiform Aerodisc


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