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Strong Bonds

We pride ourselves on our name and maintaining our relationships throughout all our years in business. One of the benefits of a strong business relationship is that we're able to see and work on the newest vehicle models as soon as they arrive. This brand new 2022 Range Rover comes to us from our very good friends at Land Rover Richmond. With their help, we were able to buckle down and figure out exactly what the perfect wheel size would be. Once the rulers were put back in place, and the factory wheels bolted back on, we had our measurements and were ready to get the ball rolling. We installed a set of made to order PUR RS50's in a twenty four inch diameter. They were paired with a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires. The wheels were ordered in the gloss brilliant silver finish. A finish that no matter how much time passes, still looks great. The wheels also feature a staggered concave profile, with the rear wheel being much deeper in appearance.

Special thank you to Land Rover Richmond for all the continued support throughout the years!

Wheels PUR RS50 | 24x10 | Gloss Brilliant Silver


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