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Superfast Overhaul

The first of many shipments have arrived from Novitec Rosso. A month ago we had a very special client that wanted to transform their brand new Ferrari 812 Superfast with the Novitec N-Largo kit. With a majority of the exterior parts included in the first shipment we could wait for the rest of the parts to arrive before unwrapping it all. Certified by Novitec, this 812 N-Largo kit is the very first and only one in Canada. As you can tell from the photos below, this kit is not your ordinary run of the mill lip kit. The N-Largo kit is expected to widen the 812 Super fast by 5.5" on each side of the car, making it just shy of a Ford Raptor's width. This is only the beginning for this wild overhaul, so check back often for more updates.


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