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The Double RWB Experience

Now that the dust has all settled, we can sit back and recap the past few days of this amazing double RWB build. In conjunction with Flatsix Classics we participated in welcoming the world renowned Nakai-San of Rauh Welt Begriff to our home away from home. His purpose for this trip to Vancouver was to build two Porsche 993 RWB’s in a very short amount of time.

We watched in awe as he worked all through out the day and into the night building these amazing Porsches. Of course he took the occasional break but no matter if it was in the beginning, middle, or end of the day his spirit, drive, and energy never changed. He was as ready to work into the 10th hour of the day as if it were the first. Both Porsches were completed in a amazingly short time frame with an incredible attention to detail. Nakai-San does not cut any corners when it comes to his work, he is truly a master of his craft.

The moment that Nakai-San began cutting into the Porsche speedter the crowd went silent. His skill level is unfathomable as he made no line as to where to cut but just cut the fenders straight from experience and memory. A single cut all the cut through leaving no scraps of extra metal laying around. He only cuts what is needed and nothing more.

Both cars were equipped with a set of PUR LG01’s in a deep dish staggered 18 inch fitment. The cabrio sported a matte black face and high polished step lip to compliment the carbon accents on the car. Where as the speedster went with a matte chestnut brown face and polish lip to offset the sleek deep grey exterior and tan interior. A set of KW clubsport coilovers were also installed onto both cars by Flatsix Classics. This allowed the Porsches to achieve the famous RWB ride height while maintaining the ride quality suited for our Vancouver roads.

The end result was a Porsche cabrio and a Porsche speedster that were transformed from their former self into brand new beings. Along with these two builds, many of Nakai-Sans other RWB builds from Vancouver showed up to show their support for the newly reborn Porsches. Behind the ropes, Flatsix Classics threw an amazing event with more food than anyone could eat, endless drinks and a live DJ. We would like to extend a thank you to Flatsix Classics for allowing us to be apart of this momentous event.


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